2018 Conference Panels & Papers

Session 1 · Thursday · 7:15 – 8:45 PM

Extremism and Populism
Humanities 101
Discussant: Hans Rindisbacher, Pomona College

The Significance of the Trends
Lauren Barnes, Baylor University

The Quiet Rise of the Far Left
Austin Hudgens, University of Washington

Can the EU Survive Populism?
Austin Prather, Pomona College


Political Parties and Elections
Humanities 103
Discussant: Ivy Hammerly, Baylor University

The Generational Conflict and Electoral Vacuum in the Weimar Middle Class
Jianwen Xu, University of California, Berkeley

Historical Resistance Movements and Modern Euroscepticism
Kamil Lungu, Pomona College

Are Danes Just Xenephobes? Examining the Establishment of Anti-Immigrant Parties in Denmark and Sweden
Louise Paulsen, Brigham Young University



Session 2 · Friday · 8:30 – 10:00 AM

Immigration and Public Policy
Humanities 101
Discussant: Valentina Padula, University of California, Santa Barbara

Improving Dutch Immigration
Fernando Mercado, Brigham Young University

Borders over Bridges: How the European Union’s Flawed Policy on the Refugee Crisis Will Weaken Europe
Brian Massey, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

A Life Absolutely Bare? A Reflection on Resistance by Irregular Refugees against the Biopolitical Control by the State in the EU
Ziang Zhou, University of California, Berkeley

Refugees: Why Do Some Accept While Others Reject?
Isabella Bobadilla, University of Florida


Identity and Ethnicity
Humanities 103
Discussant: Liz Jevtic-Somlai, Brigham Young University

“Tribal Trenches”: A Qualitative Critique of Consociationalism in Northern Ireland
Sarah Hollmann, Stetson University

Poetry in a Troubling Time- Analyzing Several Poems Inspired by the Troubles in Northern Ireland
Michael McCarthy, Pitzer College

Popular or National Sovereignty? EU’s Priorities in the Cyprus Referendum for Unification and the Catalan Referendum for Independence
Ricardo Rauseo, University of Florida

An EU Blunder: The Impact of Cypriot Membership on Kosovo’s Candidacy
Sylvia Roper, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill



Session 3 · Friday · 10:15 – 11:45 AM

 Security, the EU, and its Allies
Humanities 101
Discussant: Eva-Maria Maggi, University of Montana

Counterterrorism in France and the United States in the Post-9/11 Era: Divergence by Design or Curious Convergence?
Filip Bozinovic, University of California, Berkeley

Romania’s Evolving Military Security LandscapeNATO Member
Sofia Broadbent, Brigham Young University

Evaluating EU Regional Security Actorness: A Case Study of EU’s Response to the Ukraine Crisis
Paul Silva  II, University of Florida

EU-NATO Relations: A Future of Cooperation or Conflict?
Hope DeMint, University of Washington


Trade and Economics
Humanities 103
Discussant: Wade Jacoby, Brigham Young University

An Inquiry Concerning the Impact of Trade Agreements and Immigration on German Trade
Joshua Ball, Grinnell College

Popular or not so Popular? Offensive Structural Realist and Institutionalist Predictions of German Neighbors in Regards to German Power
John Issacson, Baylor University

Paradoxes of Gender Equality Policies and Domestic Working Conditions in Madrid
Zabdi Salazar, Trinity University


Session 4 · Friday · 2:00 – 3:30 PM

 Issues in Integration and Cooperation
Humanities 101
Discussant: Tobias Hofmann, University of Utah

Looking North: The Scandinavian Argument for Multi-Level Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)
Malcolm Thomson, University of Victoria

Optimal Stage of Integration for the European Union
Shane Forrester, University of Miami

United in Necessity: Identifying Conditions for Institutional Cooperation Against Cybercrime
Jobel Kyle Vecino, University of California, Berkeley


Immigration and Public Opinion
Humanities 103
Discussant: Jeffrey Pennington, University of California, Berkeley

The Rise in Sentiment Against Immigrants in Germany: Economic Concerns or Something More?
Hannah Byrd, Baylor University

A Supranational Responsibility: Perceptions of Immigration in the European Union
Kendall Curtis, Baylor University

Brexit: The Causes and the Consequences
Hannah Day, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill