Helena Fialova – “Does the Roma minority have any chance for a better future in the Czech Republic?”

Hampton Room, Malott Commons, Scripps College

The Roma are the largest ethnic minority group in the EU without a permanent home. An estimated 12 million Roma reside in Europe with a majority living in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Greece and the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that the Roma population is native to Europe, prejudicial actions barring them socially and economically still continues. Dr. Fialova will address both the social and economic status of the Roma minority in the Czech Republic. She will describe their image as musicians, artists, pickpockets and hated neighbors. Her talk raises the question of whether social integration of the Roma people is possible.

Helena Fialová is a Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague and teaches micro- and macroeconomics at the University of New York, which has a branch in Prague. Dr. Fialová is the author of several textbooks on micro- and macroeconomics, including editions of Business Cycle and Market Research and specialty dictionaries on marketing, external trade and economics.