2019 Conference Panels & Papers

Conference Session
Thursday • 7:30 – 9:00 PM

Discussant: Joshua Goode, Claremont Graduate University
Humanities Building, Room 201

Experiences with and Perceptions of Immigrants in Italy
Arianna Babraj, University of Southern California

Europe’s (Lack of) Welfare Chauvinism: Evidence from Surveys and Spending
Ethan Davis, Brigham Young University

Uneven Influence: Why Female Representation Affects Some Migration Policies but not Others
Lauren Olsen, Brigham Young University

The Puzzle of Spanish Attitudes towards Immigration
Paige Pepitone, Pomona College

Panel 2: FAR RIGHT
Discussant: Hans Rindisbacher, Pomona College
Humanities Building, Room 202

Understanding the Rise of Far-Right Populist Parties in Europe
Alina Sobolik, University of Victoria

Alternative Visions of a European Community: A Comparative Analysis of Far-Right Parties in Interwar and Post-Cold War Germany
Brian Quinn, Oakland University

Comparative Models in German Elections: Using the German Far-Right Party as a Proxy for Ethnic Conflict
Clay Parham, Baylor University

How the Alternative for Germany Party Threatens Decades of Reconciliation
Hannah Barrett, University of California, Los Angeles

Conference Session B
Friday • 8:30 10:00 AM

Discussant: Jennifer Taw, Claremont McKenna College
Humanities Building, Room 201

EU Integration and its Relationship with a Cohesive European Defense
Mckenna Parker, University of Montana

Putin, Russia and the European Union: Frozen with an Unclear Future
Kevin Reber, The Catholic University of America

A Ukrainian Impasse: The European Union and the Russian Federation
Taylor Gregory, University of Montana

Keeping Russia Out: How Europe’s Defense Spending Reacts to Threats
Jillian Weitzel, Brigham Young University

Discussant: Wade Jacoby, Brigham Young University
Humanities Building, Room 202

A Neofunctionalist Interpretation of European Union Financial Regulatory Changes after the 2008 Financial Crisis
Brendan Darraugh, University of Utah

EU through a Fiscal Lense
Fahad Selem, Cypress College

Thank You, Next: An Analysis of Sweden’s Non-Compliance with its Country-Specific Recommendations
Malcolm Thomson, University of Victoria

The Common Fisheries Policy: A Measure of Successful European Integration
Savannah Goette, University of Florida

Conference Session C
Friday • 10:15 – 11:45 AM

Discussant: Tobias Hofmann, University of Utah
Humanities Building, Room 201

Sharpening the Blade of Integration: Crafting European Identity to Counter Political Opposition
Drew Fenner, University of Florida

Spitzenkandidat! A Comparative Analysis of the Political Discourse of Martin Schulz in the European Parliament Election in 2014 and the German Bundestagwahl in 2017
Eponine Howarth, London School of Economics

Lisbon Treaty and Mitigating the Democratic Deficit
Rachel Grimley, University of Florida

A Moral Bureaucracy: Enforcement of EU Fundamental Values in Central and Eastern Europe
Sarah Sheets, University of California, Berkeley

Discussant: Branislav Radeljic, University of East London
Humanities Building, Room 202

Atomic Dreams: Exploring the Promise of Nuclear Energy in Central-Eastern Europe
Ryann Welch, University of Florida

Pipelines or Pipe Dream: The Potential of Peace Pipelines as a Solution to Fragmentation and Energy Insecurity in the European Union
Afton Apodaca and Julia Greensfelder, Washington University in St. Louis

Is Turkey a Rival to the European Union? Neo-Ottoman Influence in the Balkans
Ghazi Ghazi, Oakland University- Rochester Hills, Michigan

Conference Session D
Friday • 2:00 – 3:30 PM

Discussant: Eva-Maria Maggi, University of Montana
Humanities Building, Room 201

Refusal of Refugees: Security, Religion, and Sovereignty Concerns in Hungary
Alexandra Nowak, University of Florida

A Reimagined World: Changing Conceptualizations of Borders and Bordering Practices
Maura Kitchens, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The Effect of Public Opinion on the Hungarian Government’s Migrant Defection
Phoenix Berman, University of Florida

Discussant: Adam Zientek, University of California, Davis
Humanities Building, Room 202

The Finch Effect: Evolutionary Metaphors and Illiberal Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe
Abigail Woodfield, Brigham Young University

European Nationalism in the Age of Populism
Carole Grant, University of Southern Maine

An Unsurprisingly Vulnerable First World
Julia Foodman, Scripps College

Hungary for Freedom: The Fall of Democracy in Hungary
Lauren McLane, Baylor University